I have been a member of the Lunch Club networking group for approximately 2 years.  If I had to pick just one group, it would be this one, because of the unique format.  It is lunch with approximately 5 other business owners and professionals each week in a relaxed setting where relationships are built and…

The Lunch Club has been an important opportunity for small business owners to engage in smaller group settings where it is easier to connect with people for more effective referrals and leads.

A great way to get to know other business people more intimately given the small-table format over lunch.

Low-stress networking, because you’re just breaking bread together in a small group of 4-6 people rather than trying to quickly trade business cards with a crowd at a mixer. Different every week!

My partner and I have been members of the group for about a year and half. We have gotten tons of leads and 6 new clients from the lunch meetings. This has added an additional 4% of revenue for us. Highly recommend if you like doing business face to face!”