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Mountain Mojo Group

Flagstaff, AZ

Mountain Mojo Group

Austin Leggett & Rand Jenkins

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Mountain Mojo Group is a different kind of marketing agency. We begin all of our projects with research driven strategy, establishing where your business is currently positioned, where you’d like your business to go and how it is  that we can help get you there! We love what we do and we love bringing success to our clients by offering unique access to a tremendous amount of resources throughout the Southwest.

We’re Business People. We’ve launched new companies, re-energized established businesses, and re-imagined mature brands. Along the way, we’ve helped solve some of the most demanding marketing challenges and had the good fortune of working hand in hand with different industries across the board.

Our marketing team is a bunch of yahoos that eat, sleep and breathe creativity. We provide well researched strategic planning, strong public relationships, engaging social media management, aggressive digital marketing, unique website development, outside-of-the-box brand development, and the wackiest creative design work.