Heather Bostian, Holistic Bodywork Design

Heather Bostian, Holistic Bodywork Design

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Flagstaff, AZ
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Heather Bostian



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Feisty dedicated to staying fit so ~ YOU can learn how to be self-responsible to grow older with vitality like your still 20 years old, NO pain, No more emotional trauma, SAFE to be in your own POWER …NO pills! .After being trained in 15 different styles of healing Asian Ayurvedic arts, Ananda Hatha YOGA teacher training, martial arts and theater arts ( two master’s degrees), we do blend them all to bring you into a happier healthier lifestyle to BE your best. I love being able to, at 71, to still play with my dogs & horse, workout 5 days a week in hard style martial arts, do chores pain-free, HAVE TONS of energy, clarity & CALM ~ ALL THIS is what I offer you! ~ yup it takes a few sessions & homework to accomplish goals while leaving behind the drag of past thoughts affecting issues in your tissues . and you’re worth IT!