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Our Mission

…to facilitate a healing path, by educating and empowering people to feel good and take ownership of their bodies through progressing movement of the body, mind and spirit.

The Re-Patterning Method

The Re-Patterning Method reorganizes the efficiency in the way the body moves, heals and functions. This method utilizes the Body Landmark Method™, Structural Alignment Assessment™, fascial Re-Patterning, and unconscious mind engagement to ultimately balance the joints and effectively realign the body and mind to create a safe and long term adaptation.

The Re-Patterning Method Process

The first step in the Re-Patterning process is evaluating your movement patterns through the Structural Alignment Assessment™. This assessment is where you will become consciously aware of why and how your body has taken on misalignments and compensation patterns through your daily movement, exercise regimen or injury and stress. Over time, these compensatory movement patterns can and will cause many physiological, biomechanical and psychological disorders such as joint issues, muscle imbalances, fascial restrictions and tightness, guarding, inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, injury, nerve compression and referred pain. All of these conditions often lead to a decreased quality of life both physically and psychologically.

The second step is to implement your Re-Patterning program. Each Re-Patterning program has consistent systems and procedures to re-align. re-connect and re-program the body, mind and spirit to replicate efficiency of movement in and out of the studio. Every Re-Patterning sessions is unique for each person and is based on the assessment findings, goals and desired outcome. Our goal is to shift limiting patterns toward a more balanced, aligned and pain free movement reality. Ultimately, we simply want you to feel good in your body, mind and life.