Send Out Cards

Judy O’Higgins

(928) 202-2557 •

I show business owners and professionals how to increase their bottom line through building stronger relationships with their clients and customers, which leads to increased referrals and repeat business. Our company, SendOutCards, has a proven system for creating better connections with customers and prospective clients and making any business stand out from your competitors using customized greeting cards sent through the mail but created using our technology involving smart phones and the internet to make it fast and simple to send them. Optional gifts may be added when sending a card with one click. This is the perfect follow up after meeting with a prospect, or making a sale. Basic themes include “Nice to Meet You”, Thank You, Birthday, Holiday and more. All cards can be customized with photos and personal handwriting font. I help businesses to create the perfect card templates that will be saved, displayed, and make you top of mind with those who you want to remember you.